Welcome to HYPE IT

Where local businesses can advertise their products to a hyper local audience and customers receive the latest deals


Hyper local advertising

Local Business Posts Message

The message is targeted at a local audience who enter within 100m of the business

Customer Receives Notification

As the customer enters within 100m of the business a notification is received


John the Bar Owner

"Creating a unique identity for your bar, attracting new and repeat customers and keeping a buzz going so people don't lose interest is difficult. HYPE IT allows me to target customers as they leave the train station with drink specials, live music or special events."

Gilly the Baker

"I love baking but I hate food going to waste. At the end of each day I have baked goods that have not been sold and would usually throw away. HYPE IT gives me the platform to sell these baked goods at a reduced price to customers who come within 100m of my shop

Seb the Student

"Managing on a limited budget can be daunting at times, but with HYPE IT I get special offers delivered to my phone from local businesses. I use it regularly to get cheap food and a cheeky pint now and again."

Doreen the Coupon Lady

"I regularly go onto the internet to look for vouchers, but it takes a lot of time and also most of the vouchers are for businesses not in my area. HYPE IT works differently by bringing these deals directly to my phone as I am walking down my local high street."

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